Our Services

At ADVANCED FOOT SPECIALISTS, we are pleased to offer the full spectrum of podiatric services to help you maintain healthy feet. Our skilled podiatrists, Dr. Kamran and Dr. Shah can accurately assess your condition, find the source of your pain, and develop a treatment plan that will bring you relief. It would be our pleasure to care for all your foot and ankle needs for concerns including the following and more:

Achilles Tendonitis

Ankle Fractures

Arthritis and Joint diseases

Athletes Foot


Calluses and Corns

Diabetic Foot Care and Ulcers

Excessive Foot Sweating/Odor

Flat Feet

Foot Fractures

Fungus Toenails

Geriatric Foot Care


Heel or Toe Spurs

Ingrown Toenails




Plantar Fasciitis

Skin care of the foot

Sports and Dance Injuries