Back on your feet!

Welcome to Advanced Foot Specialists.

Our lakefront podiatry practice is dedicated to comprehensive foot and ankle care in a boutique clinic setting. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for alleviating foot pain and for the management of foot and ankle concerns. Our treatments and surgical services encompass the most advanced therapeutic options to improve your foot and overall health.

At Advanced Foot Specialists, our experienced podiatric physicians and surgeons are highly trained in the latest techniques and procedures in podiatry. Our foot experts, Dr. Hussain and Dr. Shah are committed to providing you and your family the highest level of care, in a comfortable, professional environment.

Our patients enjoy many benefits of our boutique podiatry practice, including:
                                       Friendly, knowledgeable staff
                                       Prompt, responsive service
                                       Comprehensive care
                                       Personalized treatment plan

Welcome to ADVANCED FOOT SPECIALISTS, where we look forward to "getting you back on your feet!"